Harem pants have got to be one of the most interesting and comfortable garments ever invented, and honestly I don’t know why they are not more popular in the Western fashion. Most commonly known as “harem pants” in the West, they can also go by the names “genie pants”, “elephant pants”, “Aladdin pants”, “parachute pants”, “Sarouel pants”, “Thai pants”, “pantaloons”, and “bloomers”.Harem pants are one of those distinctly “exotic” garments we encounter very little in the Western world. Even the name “Harem Pants” conjures up images of foreign, glamorous and outrageous fashions. Yet in much of the world- the Middle East, African, and Asian cultures- these pants are still worn daily by both men and women as a practical and comfortable everyday garment. Stay comfortable in style with these chic bottoms, perfect for yoga class, the beach, or late summer nights. They mix well with almost everything in your closet. You can wear them low at the hips, at the waist or even higher, and the cuffs don’t necessarily need to hit the ankles. Most harem pants are designed with either a drawcord or an elasticised waist, which allows for a lot of wiggle room in the size department.