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  • Additionally, while yoga foam rolling isn’t necessarily a yoga technique, self-care is a large part of what it means to have a yoga practice and thanks to the new science of self-care, we now understand the importance of myofascial release in our overall health and well-being. And when it comes to myofasical release, the yoga foam roller is a yogi’s best friend.
  • Yoga Blocks / Bricks can be really useful in the practice for both the beginner and seasoned yogi. For beginners, yoga blocks can be used when the flexibility isn't quite there yet.
  • Yoga resistance bands are one of the most cost effective ways to tone up, plus they take up next to no room in your closet or drawer. Using them requires coordination and balance, which helps work out and tone your muscles. Once you master a more simple resistance band, move up to one with higher tension for more difficult exercises. In a nutshell, Yoga Accessories are good either to help in those yoga poses you are not executing at the maximum, muscle massage as a counter activity to stretches and also helps you tone your body.