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  • If someone tried to compile all the styles of yoga being practiced, past and present, including the offshoots and burgeoning schools of thought, that list would be non-exhaustive. The truth is, there are so many subcultures within the culture of yoga itself that it’s difficult to get everyone together and decide on standards. That why we choose instead to embrace everyone’s differences and celebrate the variety of styles created and espoused in this world. That being said, you can’t just wear the same outfit for any class. You have to be aware of what a particular practice entails and how you can best prepare for it by way of being properly attired. Otherwise it would be like wearing football shoes to a basketball game. So here are some basic pointers to look out for when practicing certain styles.
  • The main objective of choosing the right yoga wear is so you can just forget about it during yoga practice. Paying attention to simple details like which yoga clothes to wear helps to keep this time focused on what is most important – the yoga.